Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott, Sketch Bot. S. Carolina 1: 211 1817. (syn: Dantia palustris (L.) Des Moul.; Isnardia ascendens Hall ex Eaton & Wright; Isnardia nitida Poir.; Isnardia palustris L.; Isnardia palustris var. americana DC.; Jussiaea isnardia E. H. L. Krause; Ludwigia palustris var. americana (DC.) Fernald & Grisc.; Ludwigia palustris var. nana Fernald & Griscom; Ludwigia palustris var. pacifica Fernald & Griscom; Quadricosta palustris (L.) Dulac) ?;  



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Sorry for mailing without any photos. Here is the one.

When and where? 

I think taken somewhere in Europe. and an aquatic plant.

Probably Ludwigia palustris 

Thanks, … 

It is from Warsaw zoo’s aquarium.