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Date: 9th January 2015
Place: Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Habit: Straggling shrub

Strychnos sp., perhaps.

Is it thorny. Doesn’t it look like Carissa? Just a guess

Thank you … It was not thorny and there was no milky exudate when I pulled the leaf away from the plant.

Strychnos species so far in efi 

Strychnos wallichiana Steud. ex A. DC.(= Strychnos cinnamomifolia Thwaites), reported in flora of Calicut.

Strychnos sp.

Check for the bitterness of the leaf…….

Looks like Strychnos colubrina

There is more confusion. Pl. see  Submission of Strychnos colubrina L.,

It is Strychnos only; the pod, the leaf, venation confirms it as Strychnos only;

Thanks, … But we are unable to find the id. 

See the image.

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Leaves matching with S. Potatorum, see the image
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