Eriocaulon gulnarparianum Paithane V. A, Bhuktar A. S., Kashetti R. P and Patil S. B, Int. J. Adv. Res. 5(10), 1937-1940 (2017);

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A NEW SPECIES OF ERIOCAULON (ERIOCAULACEAE) FROM LATERITIC PLATEAUS OF SINDHUDURD, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA.-Paithane V. A, Bhuktar A. S., Kashetti R. P and Patil S. B- Int. J. Adv. Res. 5(10), 1937-1940 (2017)- (The genus Eriocaulon L. (Eriocaulaceae) is distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of World. Ansari & Balakrishnan reported 85 species in India, later on 11 species have been described from India and now 96 species recorded for India. During collections from konkan, Western Ghats, India author collected one interesting specimens of Eriocaulon. After critical observation and survey of literature it revealed to be a new species. Eriocaulon gulnarparianum sp. nov. described which is allied to Eriocaulon xeranthemum Martius and E. devendranii Sankar, Ravi kumar & Babu, but differs in its leaf length 0.8 mm to 1.5 cm, head 5mm across with involucrals bracts, without involucral bracts 2 mm across, floral bracts oblong-oblanceolate, involucral bracts up to 3 mm, acuminate, mulifide. Sepals of male flower obtuse at apex, 3 lobed,2 lobes connate and one free, Petals of female flower spathulate and notched apex, seed with transverse elongated cells with 1-2 appendages which is described with brief morphology, association, photographs and note on identity.)

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