Crassula subacaulis subsp. erosula (N.E.Br.) Toelken, Bothalia 12: 634 1979. (syn: Crassula erosula N.E. Br.; Crassula inamoena N. E. Brown; Crassula rauhii Friedrich; Globulea erosula (N.E. Br.) P.V. Heath; Globulea erosula var. inamoena (N.E. Br.) P.V. Heath); 
South Africa (W-Cape Prov., N-Cape Prov.), S-Namibia as per Catalogue of Life;




PLANT FOR ID 01122012AMF02: Plant found in doda (J&K) garden

One of the Ammania species (A.baccifera ?). One need to check the characters for arriving at the species level

Does not matches with any species in efi as per comparative images at Ammannia

Member of Crassulaceae, please check for Crassula subacaulis subsp. erosula.