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Location: Thulo Phedi, Taplejung, Nepal
Date: 18 April 2017
Altitude: 11000 ft. 
Rhodendron … ???

To me appears close to images at Rhododendron wightii as per comparative images at Rhododendron
Pl. confirm.

Thank you …!

Nepali Name : राडु  Raadu 

I consider it highly speculative to attempt to identify a Rhododendron on the base of non-close up images of foliage alone.
As per my recent post indicating that the images of another Rhododendron were not R.anthopogon, I repeat the need for close-up images. Even then, unless you have specialist familiarity with the genus Rhododendron in the Eastern Himalaya (which you do not), better to wait until others, with greater expertise, comment.
The traditional way of identifying a plant was to send or deliver a quality pressed specimen of it to a herbarium. At Kew, if the specimen was scrappy (poor) or was not in flower or at the fruiting stage, they would DISCARD it.
It is hard enough reliably naming Eastern Himalayan Rhododendrons when in flower – unless the foliage is distinctive, then from leaves alone (especially when close-up detail is not shown – one can barely make out the colour of the indumentum on the undersides of the leaves) is challenging. There may well be someone with specialist knowledge who can conclude, with confidence, which species of Rhododendron the above images are of but better to wait until they are available.
‘Flowers of the Himalaya’ (1984) gives an altitudinal range for R.wightii of 3600-4300m. Whilst it is not impossible that this species might be found at 3300m (plus the altitude given might be merely an estimate and it could have been higher), nevertheless, it must be viewed as speculative.
The situation in the North-West Himalaya is much easier, with only 4 species being known.
I reinforce my comments about the risks of comparing with images on the eFI data-base.