Comparative images in efi site are a game changer as far as identification is concerned.
To give you an example, I use to refer to Dr. V S Sampath, for all posts on Lamiaceae.
But since the availability of comparative images in efi site, this requirement has gone down substantially. Either posting members themselves identify based on comparative images or our members help them directly or after going through comparative images. In case of no such assistance, I try myself to help with the id with the help of comparative images.
Final result is quick & correct id based on existing images.
As you are aware we have already created comparative images for more than 135 families & for the rest we hope to do so by 31.3.18. 
Thanks to all our members for making this endeavour possible. 

I agree. Search leads on correctly. 

Still long way to go. Keys, references, short description, uses,  distribution, habitat etc. (for each taxon) will have to be provided to make this website the first choice of the field botanists, students., foresters, naturalists and professionals. 


It takes very little time : 2 posts by 1 author.
It takes very little time to id a plant by checking with a genus page with comparative images having listing and details of all species along with the distribution against each. This gives us much more confidence than otherwise. Also it reduces id requests as more and more of our members are able to identify themselves. That is what we are trying to do. Hope it gets completed within the next few years.
Otherwise we have to keep running here and there, from one page to another, from one expert to another and so on and that takes much much longer and we are still not sure, if the id is correct or not.

Ok … I will try.