Salvia fruticosa Mill., (syn: Salvia baccifera Etl.; Salvia clusii Jacq.; Salvia cypria Unger & Kotschy; Salvia fruticosa subsp. thomasii (Lacaita) Brullo, Guglielmo, Pavone & Terrasi; Salvia incarnata Etl.; Salvia libanotica Boiss. & Gaill.; Salvia lobryana Azn.; Salvia marrubioides Vahl; Salvia ovata F.Dietr.; Salvia sipylea Lam.; Salvia subtriloba Schrank; Salvia sypilea Lam.; Salvia thomasii Lacaita; Salvia triloba L.f.; Sclarea triloba (L.f.) Raf.);
Central & E. Medit.: Albania, Cyprus, East Aegean Is., Greece, Italy, Kriti, Lebanon-Syria, Libya, Palestine, Sicilia, Turkey, Turkey-in-Europe;
Introduced into: Algeria, Canary Is., Madeira, Morocco, Portugal, Spain as per POWO;

Garden Plant for ID : Lamiaceae : New York,US : 15NOV17 : AK-11 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)
Garden plant seen in June,17.
Seems to be from Lamiaceae family.

It is a type of Sage/Salvia. Cannot narrow it down. Too many possibilities.
Please, in future, can you include something in the photo for size reference? That may help.

Salvia fruticosa Mill. ??


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