Berrya javanica (Turcz.) Burret, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 9: 605 1926. (syn: Pterocoelion javanicum Turcz.);

Java as per Catalogue of Life;



210311-PR-1 To ID-Chennai: Please help me id this tree in a park at Chennai which had only these seeds on it and no flowers.
(The seed capsules reminded me of those of Berrya cordifolia.) 

“Holoptlia integrifolia has one seeded fruit. the fruit is resembling Berrya cordifoia (the wings) and tat of Kleinhoevia hospita.”

Kleinhovia can be ruled out because Kleinhovia leaves are cordate and very different from the one in the pictures, even the fruit is five winged.”

“The tree looks like Berrya cordifolia. The foliage is not clear. Hence I cannot confirm. You may please visit Gandhinagar 3rd Main Road almost near the Padmanabha temple.   There is  a row of B.cordifolia trees ( 8 to 10) .
Take  photographs  and compare them with those of TS.  You will get the answer.”

“I think Pterocarpus marsupium Roxburgh ”

” I can only say that I am familiar with both Holoptelea integrifolia and Berrya cordifolia (at Thiru-Vi-Ka Park , Shenoynagar and and VAANAVIL , Mount Road ) and this is not those species. The seed – pod looks like Berrya’s but is much rougher. It is definitely not Kleinhovia either as I have some of its seeds in pods. I am not able to check out the seeds of Pterocarpus marsupium.”

“Thanks for the suggestions. I am attaching  my pics of the three kinds of seeds. I feel the search is not yet over. ”

 “… you are correct in ruling out Berry, I checked the leaves also are quite different and the fruit is six winged of Berry.  I thought of Marsupium too, but the fruits of Marsupium do not have a wegde at the top or clear samara wings as in Holoptelea. You may check the pictures of … in the database where very clear fruits are seen of Marsupium.  Also please check when you see the tree again whether the leaves have an odd one at the end of the leaflets that is typical of Marsupium and the leaflets would be more egg shaped unlike Holoptelea. ”

“On seeing the latest photographs I have a doubt that this could be one of the Terminalia species”

Interesting, the plant is not Pterocarpus marsupium or Holoptelea integrifolia or Berrya cordifolia; the fruit and seed suggest it looks like a member of Malpighiaceae; not sure

Appears close to some Aspidopterys species like Aspidopterys wallichii Hook.f.

This could be Berrya javanica, a native to Java and N. Australia.

Yes as identified by … it is B. javanica.

Thanks, …, for the id.
I also agree with you as per images at

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