Mimulus strictus Benth., Numer. List 3918 1831. (syn: Mimulus angustifolius Hochst. ex A. Rich.);
Pakistan (Swat, Hazara, N.W.Frontier Prov., Kohat, Peshawar, Pakistani Punjab, Rawalpindi), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir, Poonch), India, Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin, Mandalay), Nepal, Vietnam, South Africa (Limpopo, Mpulamanga, North West Prov., Gauteng, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, N-Cape Prov., E-Cape Prov.), Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Yemen as per Catalogue of Life;


Identification requested of Herb : 26 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)

Please help to identify this herb found in marshy land.
At Hamirpur, HP
Dated – 9/11/2017

Thought of Torenia, but does not match with any species in efi. Any other genera with winged calyx? 

I think its some Lindernia sp. as suggested by some experts on Indian Flora group. But sir I didn’t find any match in Lindernia sp. page on efloraofindia.
I think some experts on Lindernia may help to confirm its species.

I was also thinking of that since replied to you earlier. If you can find out the species which are found in Himachal and not being shown in efi site, it may be of help. 

… I searched a lot of Lindernia species on internet but don’t find any match. Sorry sir I don’t have flora of Himachal Pradesh and on internet also I don’t find much.
Sir I think … may help us to get species identification of this Lindernia as he is an expert from HP as well as from Hamirpur districts.

Species listed in Flora of Himachal Pradesh are:

L. anagallis
L. ciliata
L. nummularifolia
L. parviflora
L. sessiliflora

Thank you so much DS Rawat sir for providing this important list. I checked all of these Lindernia but i don’t find anyone matching with this plant.

Can we check in some similar genus? Any candidate? 

I think it may be in Mimulus genus. Flower structure & spots on petals suggest so.
One wild species M. strictus is mentioned in Flora of Himachal Pradesh.

Very much thanks …, it should be Mimulus strictus though I can’t find any coloured image on internet but still some dried herbarium images on internet looks very close to me.

… is there location of collection of species mentioned in Flora of HP.

Thanks …, Mimulus strictus appears close but the discription in Flora of HP do not matches as the flowering time mentioned is May-June another difference is flower colour which is mentioned White or Pale blue whereas its looks white with light pink colour.

I think we should check some other species records from India.
… is there any other species of Mimulus present in India ?

I think Mimulus gracilis should be closest match..

It is described in Flora Simlensis..
See this link as well as description by Sir Henry Collett 
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Thanks …, it matches Mimulus gracilis

It is getting more and more complicated.

As per IUCN Red List (LC), This species occurs throughout much of Africa south of the Sahara, Australia and Yemen (Wood 1997, Al Khulaidi in prep.), however reports of this species from China and India would appear to be in error (Cook 1996, Hong et al. 1998).
Although it appears closer to images at this link, but looks different from images at  

Yes sir its getting really complicated as there is no any coloured photograph of M.strictus on internet and … has provided me with description mentioned in flora of HP there M.gracilis is considered synonym of M.strictus (see attached image) and the locations from where it is reported is neighbouring districts of Hamirpur but the time of Flowering as well as description is not matching.
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You can check with specimen of M strictus available in gbif on line. 

The following resolves the problem:

Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas (By Francis . Pennell- 1946), which gives differences between the two species (this book should be an authority on this family).
As per this it is clearly M. strictus.
Also your images match with the high resolution specimen available at

Thanks … Its finally confirmed as Mimulus strictus



Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  IPNI  Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas (By Francis . Pennell- 1946)