Dipsacus sylvestris Huds. (syn: Dipsacus arcimusci Lojac.; Dipsacus carminatorius Salisb.; Dipsacus connatofolius Gilib.; Dipsacus fullonum L.; Dipsacus fullonum var. sylvestris (Huds.) Schmalh.; Dipsacus meyeri Chab.; Dipsacus palustris Salisb.) as per Catalogue of Life;
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Baleares, England, Bulgaria, Corsica, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Germany, Greece, East Aegaean Isl., Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Andorra, Spain, Hungary, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Crimea, C- & E-European Russia, Sardinia, Sicily, European Turkey, Denmark (I), Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Northern Caucasus, Armenia, Anatolia, Turkey (N-Anatolia), European Turkey, Iran, Lebanon (C-Lebanon, coastal W-Lebanon), Syria (Jazira), Canary Isl. (I) (Tenerife (I)), Bolivia (I), Argentina (I), Uruguay (I), Australia (I) (Tasmania (I), New South Wales (I), Victoria (I)), China (I) (Zhejiang (I), Jiangsu (I)), USA (I) (Alabama (I), Arkansas (I), Arizona (I), California (I), Colorado (I), Connecticut (I), District of Columbia (I), Delaware (I), Iowa (I), Idaho (I), Illinois (I), Indiana (I), Kansas (I), Kentucky (I), Massachusetts (I), Maryland (I), Michigan (I), Missouri (I), Mississippi (I), Montana (I), North Carolina (I), Nebraska (I), New Hampshire (I), New Jersey (I), New Mexico (I), Nevada (I), New York (I), Ohio (I), Oklahoma (I), Oregon (I), Pennsylvania (I), Rhode Island (I), South Dakota (I), Tennessee (I), Texas (I), Utah (I), Virginia (I), Vermont (I), Washington State (I), Wisconsin (I), West Virginia (I), Wyoming (I)), Canada (I) (British Columbia (I), Ontario (I), Quebec (I)) as per Catalogue of Life;


Wild Plant for ID : New York : 07DEC17 : AK-04 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6)

Plant seen at a stop on the Thruway in New York.

Pictures taken on 30th of June.
On searching, it looks like Dipsacus Species.
Experts kindly help.

Dipsacus fullonum I hope

Dipsacus fullonum from Canada-GS07032020-3 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Dipsacus fullonum L.
Common names:  Wild teasel, Fuller’s teasel
Tall annual herb introduced in Canada and USA, with prickly stems and leaves, oval head surrounded by long spiny bracts, with lavender to pink flowers.
Clicked from Kariya Japanese Park, Mississauga, Canada,  September 2019


Dipsacus fullonum from Miississauga, Canada-24072021-1:
Dipsacus fullonum Linn.
wild teasel or fuller’s teasel
Tall herb with ovoid flower heads surrounded by much longer linear involucre bracts.
Clicked from Mississauga, Canada, 21-8-2019


SK1706 07 Jan 2019 : 11 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Location: Tidworth, London
Date: December 2018
Elevation: 109 m.
Habit : Wild

i was going to ask some questions, but saw its not going to yield any answers since it is sent by a friend. we will never know its height,
its basal rosette of leaves’ pictures etc to make a ready diagnosis. given all that handicap. i still venture to say.
this is a dry thistle head. hairy / prickly stem seems to have angles, perhaps four of most likely a common Teasel we see in american midwest,
a weed imported from Europe. favorite of  dry flower arrangements for fall decorations in home. Botanical name may be If WE had all the info:
Dipsacus fullonum.
THIS COULD ALSO BE Dipsacus laciniatus, but we will never know for that distinction we need to see the leaves.
this site also has very apt pictures to id it in field
Do you think your friends could be a liitle more enthusistic in taking pictures please?

oh i forgot to type above…. the final diagnosis should be: Dried flowering head of Common teasel, Dipsacus sp. not otherwise classified.

There are so many dipsacus which look similar in dry state. However, could it be Dipsacus fullonum ?

NO. After all these years of my trying to teach that in cases like this. its not prudent to try and nail down a species level diagnosis. it is what it is in the picture: Dried flowering head of Common teasel, Dipsacus sp. not otherwise classified.

Dipsacus fullonum

This is how it is differentiated from closely similar cultivated species  D. sativus
1. Receptacle bract  ending in a straight, ± flexible spine; involucre bract generally erect or upcurved ….. D. fullonum
1′ Receptacle bract ending in a recurved , stiff spine; involucre bract generally ±spreading  or reflexed  ….. D. sativus




Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1 (Dipsacus fullonum L.)  POWO (Dipsacus fullonum L.) Wikipedia  PFAF  Arkive 

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