On 18/10/08 in Narshapur forest, AP around 80 Km. from Hyderabad. Seen in slightly wet water-logged area. I hope Id is correct.

Does not matches with images of Rotala densiflora
Can it be R. mexicana as per illustration at http://www.efloras.org/object_page.aspx?object_id=94385&flora_id=2 ?

It is obviously not R. mexicana because it is an apetalous (petal less) Rotala species. By flower construction and habit it is close to R. densiflora, but seemingly different also. Please make a critical analysis, probably turn out to be a new species.

Yes it’s Rotala densiflora


Please identify this Rotala seems like desiflora but could be floribunda : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Aquatic plant growing in Lonavala Pune

Images are not clear. Pl. post attach high resolution images, to see the details.
Plant in the 1st and last image appears to be different.
Also check comparative images at Rotala
Last image appears to be Ammannia auriculata Willd. as per images and details herein, as in your another post: please identify Rotala densiflora? growing aquatic
1st image may be of Rotala densiflora (Roth) Koehne, but can not be confirmed with this image

On further scrutiny, all images may be of Rotala densiflora (Roth) Koehne only, but can not be confirmed with this image


Here also I can not see the details of flowers.
It may be Ammannia auriculata Willd. as per images and details herein.

On further scrutiny, image may be of Rotala densiflora (Roth) Koehne only.

I will snap clearer pictures and repost.

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