Please identify this tree: (mixed thread)

Photo taken on- 5th June, 2011
Place, Sector 46 Chandigarh
Temperature- 39 max, 29 min
Time of the day- 4:40pm
Habit- Tree
Habitat- in a home garden
Stem- straight with branching after about 8-9 feet
Bark- fissured longitudinally (as shown)
Leaves- Somewhat heart shaped, coarse on both the surfaces, very thin, toothed, only one leaf observed having the shape variation like that of Morus
Fruits, flowers- not seen
Young branches having axillary buds resembling that of Morus

Check with Eriolaena sp. (may be E. hookeri)

Yes. Agreed with …. This is Eriolaena sp.

May I request you to pl. post larger & other images, if you have. Could you identify the tree ?


Tetrameles ?:

can this tree be Tetrameles nudiflora ?
place- Chandigarh
Habit- tree with a thick canopy
Leaves like that of Morus

Fruits and Flowers not seen

to me it look like Eriolaena sp.

pls provide closeup photos of leaves

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