Oxyspora vagans (Roxb.) Wall. (syn: Homocentria vagans (Roxb.) Naud.; Melastoma vagans Roxb.; Oxyspora paniculata var. vagans (Roxb.) J.F. Maxwell);
China (Yunnan), India, Myanmar [Burma], Thailand as per Catalogue of Life;

Another shot of what I believe the same tree 
Taken near roing (mishmi hills) on 30.10.08 (Arunachal Pradesh)

I think I will go for Oxyspora vagans as per references herein, in particular Hypanthium narrowly urceolate as per Flora of China for this species in comparison of Hypanthium narrowly funnelform for Oxyspora paniculata (D. Don) DC. as per Flora of China

Oxyspora vagans in FOI : 1 post by 1 author.
I am not sure about Oxyspora vagans in FOI based on this single image. All the three species of Oxyspora found in India are very close & not easy to differentiate. If there are other images, it may help in correctly nailing the id
Pl. see the keys at Flora of China

Oxyspora paniculata in FOI : 4 posts by 1 author.

Can Oxyspora paniculata in FOI be O. vagans as the inflorescence is much shorter than the leave as per keys & details in Flora of China at the following ?:



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