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Codonopsis thalictrifolia Wall. : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Here is another that is not yet on your website.  Thanks for your good work in making flora information available!

Codonopsis thalictrifolia Wall.

References: Flora of China, Flora of Bhutan, Polunin & Stainton 1984.

Submitted and photographed by Elizabeth Byers.

Location/Date: Khumbu, Nepal: Khumjung (27.8225, 86.7182, 3770m, 8 August 2017) and Machherma (27.9054, 86.7091, 4415 m, 12 August 2017)

Habitat: Wild: subalpine shrub-grassland above trail (Khumjung) and alpine dwarf shrub-grassland on braided river floodplain (Maccherma)

Description: Delicate and attractive perennial with large (2.5-4 cm) pale blue funnel-shaped solitary flowers.  The rounded or heart-shaped leaves are numerous and very small (about 1 cm).

Plant habit: erect herb

Height: 20-40 cm

Leaves: Alternate or opposite, simple, entire.

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