Leptochilus pteropus subsp. minor (Bedd.) Fraser-Jenk., Taxon. Revis. Indian Subcontinental Pteridophytes 62 2008. (Syn: Kaulinia pteropus var. minor (Bedd.) Nayat & Kaur; Lepisorus pteropus var. minor (Bedd.) Balakr. (ambiguous synonym); Lepisorus pteropus var. minor (Bedd.) R.D.Dixit (ambiguous synonym); Microsorum pteropus var. minor (Bedd.) C. Chr. & Tard. (ambiguous synonym); Microsorum pteropus f. minor (Bedd.) Ching; Microsorum pteropus var. minor (Bedd.) S. R. Ghosh (ambiguous synonym); Pleopeltis pteropus var. minor Bedd.; Polypodium pteropus var. minor (Bedd.) Y. C. Wu, K. Wong & Pong);
S. Central China to Tropical Asia: Andaman Is., China South-Central, India, Lesser Sunda Is., Myanmar, New Guinea, Sri Lanka as per POWO;
S-India, Andaman Isl., Sri Lanka, SE-Asia as per Catalogue of Life;


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Please identify this herb near a stream in Kannur District of Kerala

This is a fern.

Leptochilus pteropus subsp. minor.