Orophea narasimhanii Karthig., Sumathi & Jayanthi, Nordic J. Bot. 28: 56 2010.;



Orophea sp. from South Andaman. Is it O.monosperma? : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)

Kindly help in proper identification of this specimen of Orophea (Annonaceae) from South Andaman Island. Is it O.monosperma
Habit – small tree; habitat -evergreen forests. Fruits globose.

To me this appears to be O. narasimhanii rather than O. monosperma. 
As the measurements of your images are not available here, I am attaching herewith the original description of O. narasimhanii. Please compare yourself and decide and let us know the identity.
Attachments (1)- Orophaea narasimhanii.pdf

Do you agree with the id of O. narasimhanii

I also feel O. narasimhanii as suggested by … as per attached publication.


Orophea narasimhanii sp. nov. (Annonaceae) from Andaman Islands, India– K. Karthigeyan, R. Sumathi, J. Jayanthi- Nordic Journal of Botany, Volume 28, Issue 1, February 2010 (Abstract- Orophea narasimhanii (Annonaceae), a new species collected from the inland evergreen forests of Rutland Island, south. Andaman, is described and illustrated. This species is allied to Orophea monosperma (Kurz) Craib, but differs from it by larger petals, a larger number of stamens and acute anther connective. A detailed description and illustration is provided.)