Indonesian Climber: I hope you can help me identify my plant photographs.
It is a climber with very long (>10 m) aerial roots hanging like reddish threads. It is found on the edge of River Banjaran in Purwokerto Central Java Indonesia.

Could this be Cayratia, Vitaceae?

Some Cordia species.

Dis you observed any Tendrils? for narrowing down to Vitaceae.

I too doubt whether this is a Vitacean species. The style is pointed and longer here! Is the style pointed and longer in Vitaceae? Neither I dont think that it can be a Boraginaceaen species (Cordia sp).
Can it be a Menispermaceaen species?

Yes …, I too thought of Menispermaceae by looking at the aerial roots and absence (?) of tendrils.
But it also resembles Vitaceae (Vitis, perhaps) in inflorescence and also by having spine-like projections along leaf-margins, a feature often seen in Vitaceae. But I don’t think it is Boraginaceae (Cordia) as i don’t know any climber in the genus.

As far as I know, there is no tendril.

Appears close to images at Cissus latifolia Lam., but I did not find its distribution in Java. 

So may be some Cissus species.

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