Agave striata Zucc., Nova Acta Phys.-Med. Acad. Caes. Leop.-Carol. Nat. Cur. 16(2): 678 1833. (Syn: Agave ensiformis Baker; Agave hystrix (Pasq.) Baker; Agave recurva Zucc.; Agave richardsii Baker; Agave striata var. mesae A.Berger; Agave striata var. recurva (Zucc.) A.Terracc.; Agave striata f. recurva (Zucc.) Voss; Bonapartea hystrix Pasq.);    

Mexico Northeast as per Catalogue of Life;



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Narrow Leaf Century Plant
Agave striata
Family:         Asparagaceae
Subfamily:      Agavoideae
Dr. J.S. Sarkaria Cactus Garden, Punchkula, Haryana October 2016



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