Asplenium punjabense Bir, Fraser-Jenk. & Lovis, Fern Gaz. 13(1): 55 1985. ;
Afghanistan to W. Himalaya: Afghanistan, Pakistan, West Himalaya as per POWO;
NW-India (Himachal Pradesh), Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan (Peshawar, Chitral, Swat), Afghanistan as per Catalogue of Life


Asplenium ceterach L. (Ceterach officinarum Willd.) : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Asplenium ceterach L.
Rustyback fern
Family – Aspleniaceae
At Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Habitat – Growing along rocks near a ravine.
Altitude – 1500metres
Dated – 10/7/2017
This fern is very much rusty on dorsal side of frond as compared to Asplenium dalhousiae.

Unfortunately the photos simply do not show the diagnostic part that needs to be seen.  We nearly always require the BASAL part of a frond, with scales on the stipe and stipe-base intact – but everyone likes to send field-photos where the necessary features are not shown – whereas photos of properly prepared (and not all folded-up) herbarium specimens would be much more useful.
However I suspect from what I can see – the slightly darker scales, not the very pale or whiteish ones of A. ceterach, and sori sticking up through a thinnish scale-covering – that this is considerably more likely to be Asplenium punjabense Bir, Fraser-Jenk. & Lovis. It is in the area of the type-collection of that species and is usually commoner there than A. ceterach is. 

Thanks …  Yes sir you may be right that it is Asplenium punjabense.  But please see some more pics that I have recently found in my laptop and I hope that these may help to confirm species. Earlier I have taken help from … and he had suggested me that it looks close to Asplenium cetarach.

Here are the pics
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