Dear Friends,

Rani Bagh at this time of the year always smells delicious…….flowers, the master chemist, scenting the air with their aromatic perfumes……… of Amherstia nobilis, Sita Ashok, Brownia coccinia, Kailashpatti, Shevan, Theobroma cacao, all Sterculias….Sterculia urens, Sterculia villosa, Sterculia fotieda, many others,  attracting attention, luring and bribing pollinators……buzz of bees and sweet melodies of birds can be heard everywhere…….display of Flower’s power has to be seen to believe…… friends join us  for a aromatically delicious Tree Appreciation Walk on 25th February at 9 am….  

Our Tree Appreciation  Walk on Sunday 25th, Feb,2018                

Venue:  Ranibagh also called Byculla Zoo, [VJB Udyan]

Time:  9.00  a.m.

Duration of walk:  2 hours

Meeting Point: Main gate, Near the ticket office. 

The Veermata Jijabai Bhonsle Udyan or simply Ranibagh or Byculla Zoo to Mumbai residents, is a botanical garden. It has more than 3000 trees [ 276 species].

We will be sending the list of the trees which we plan to show during our Walk,  in few days.

Photography is allowed. You pay for the camera.     No plastic [including disposable water bottles] are allowed.

Please go through the saveranibagh website for more info.

Go through Shubhada Nikharge & Dinesh Valkes photographs too.

Hope to see you all. 

TAW Team

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