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Could you identify our climber please. According to my neighbor, this can be made into jelly drink.  

Cocculus pendulus ?

Please check for probability of Pachygone ovata (Poir.) Miers ex Hook.f. & Thomson and Hypserpa nitida Miers.

P. ovata Miers. have male racemes exceeding the leaves (FBI. I. 105) and is distributed in Java.
more description and pics can be found at – 

In continuation to my earlier mail, 1) in the first pic flowers growing at the axil of subulate bract, i.e. male inflo. of P. ovata and 2) in the 2nd pic leaves at bottom left corner have slightly cordate base. So it is unlikely to be Hypserpa nitida Miers, where panicles are axillary and supra axillary. 

Are these images of Pachygone ovata as posted by you in another thread 

Yes the images posted by me are of Pachygone ovata only

The climber posted by … looks like Coculus species