Carex stenophylla subsp. stenophylloides (V.I.Krecz.) T.V.Egorova , Fl. Erevana 339 1972. (syn: Carex dimorphotheca Stschegl.; Carex discessa V.I.Krecz. ex Grubov; Carex duriuscula subsp. stenophylloides (V.I.Krecz.) S.Yun Liang
& Y.C.Tang; Carex duriusculiformis V.I.Krecz.; Carex eremitica Paine; Carex longipedicellata Boeckeler; Carex stenophylla var. interrupta Litv.; Carex stenophylla var. longipedicellata (Boeckeler) Kük.; Carex stenophylla var. pellucida Litv.;  Carex stenophylloides V.I.Krecz.);   

Afghanistan; China North-Central; Inner Mongolia; Iran; Kazakhstan; Kirgizstan;
Mongolia; North Caucasus; Pakistan; Palestine; Tadzhikistan; Tibet;
Transcaucasus; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; West Himalaya; Xinjiang
as per Catalogue of Life;





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Location : Pangong Tso, India
Altitude: Around  15-16000 
Date:  24 August 2014
Habit : Wild 
Agree images are not so good quality !

This could be Carex stenophylla, but not sure. 


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