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Request ID of a shrub from Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya;
Alt appx 600m asl
Photographed in: Feb 2017

Grewia species? 

This is most probably Citrus sp. [Rutaceae]

Some more details of the plant habit, please

Need more info on the plant, not the habitat. With the kind of photo before me its difficult to identify the species!

What are the wild species of citrus listed in your area?

The listed spp of Citrus in Meghalaya are:
1. Citrus×lemon
2. C.assamensis
3. C. aurantifolia
4. C. aurantium
5. C. grand is
6. C. hysteric
7. C. indica
8. C. jambhiri
9. C. latipes
10. C. maxima
11. C. medica
12. C. reticulata
13. C. sinensis