Please ID of this shrub : 13 posts by 4 authors. 5 images.

Can you please furnish information such as location, elevation and flowering period?

Location : Portugal, Near Lisbon 

Elevation: Almost sea level
Pics are in March / April, and the plant is cultivated. 
An online friend gave me these pics to identify it. She is unable to get it identified even in their local ID groups. 

My memory is that is originates in New Zealand but I can’t currently recall the genus. 

Sorry I don’t know… this FB group is amazing at IDing plants. See

Already tried on so many Fb groups, so I shared here. I will forward on PID Fb group again.

Not too sure as the close up of flowers are not very clear. Need better pictures for id.
Just a guess. 
It resembles Leptospermum scoparium seen earlier in California.

yes sir. It looks similar. Thanks for your help.

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