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There are quite a few trees at a spot in Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal (near the auditorium and the houses from Himachal and Sikkim) which have a black bark and fruits-berries that resemble a variety of jamun and attract a lot of birds. 
A person who works there told us that these were sandalwood trees of a black/?red variety. 
We have nurtured a few of its saplings hoping to see them grow into larger trees primarily because of their bird attracting properties but then a google search left us unsure about the actual id of this tree.  
Have posted a picture of a sapling (which can give us some idea of the leaf) and will be grateful for the id if possible.

The picture is not clear

… will be able to help you, as he collects the seeds of Sandalwood trees.

i think this is eucalyptus sapling.

I also think Eucalyptus