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This is an Eucalyptus  species with Cracked bark. I think Eucalyptus robusta? please confirm.

I believe so. We have one nearby, and it resembles this tree.

Thanks, In these days (29.8.09) flowering on this tree. It is near Jaipur (Rajasthan) Now monsoon time.

This tree looks closer to Eucalyptus sideroxylon than E. robusta to me, chiefly on the outline of the tree and that the bark does not appear to be deeply furrowed. E. robusta typically has bark that is deeply furrowed, and the reddish bark is rather soft to the touch.
E. sideroxylon has rather rough, darker brown to blackish bark.
What is the climate of this area? Humid-subtropical to tropical, or cooler, upland area perhaps? E. robusta will grow in both types of climates; E. sideroxylon would not thrive in hot, humid areas that never see any chill.
There are indeed many other species that have similar ranges of bark that this tree may well be, as well. If you can, close-ups of the foliage and especially the capsules (fruits) are really best to confirm the ID of these trees.

Identifications of Eucalyptus can only be confirmed with photograohs of flowers buds and fruits. 

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