Astragalus ophiocarpus Boiss. (syn: Astragalus aitchisonii Baker; Astragalus glaberrimus Sirj. & Rech. fil.; Astragalus ophiocarpus var. glaberrimus (Sirj. & Rech. fil.)
Parsa; Astragalus ophiocarpus var. plurijugus Sirj.; Astragalus ophiocarpus var. vermicularis (Hausskn. & Bornm.)
Sirj.; Astragalus paulsenii Freyn; Astragalus vermicularis Hausskn. & Bornm. ex Bornm. & Gauba; Ophiocarpus aitchisonii (Baker) D. Podl.; Ophiocarpus paulsenii (Freyn) S.S. Ikonnikov; Tragacantha aitchisonii (Baker) Kuntze; Tragacantha ophiocarpa (Benth. ex Bunge) Kuntze);  

Afghanistan (Baghlan, Farah, Helmand, Herat, Kabul, Kandahar, Parwan, Qunduz,
Takhar), Pakistan (Baluchistan, N.W.Frontier Prov., Salt Range, Rawalpindi),
Pakistani Kashmir (Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh), NW-India (Indian
Punjab), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, ?Tibet,
Iran, Iraq
as per Catalogue of Life;



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ID Requested. Clicked at Faridkot. Punjab, Feb 25, 2018. 11.13 AM


… here is the photo of seed pods. Seems different from Cicer reticulatum.

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the plant was collected at Faridkot Distt of Punjab, (southwest punjab. semi arid zone)

Is it Cicer judaicum ? may be an exotic

plz see the fruits. 
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you are correct it may not be Cicer, we will check

I could not find a match at some of the comparative images available at Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

Pl. check comparative images at Astragalus

Astragalus sp.

is it Astragalus hamosus Linn.,

Could it be a species of Astragalus, may be A. muonspessulanus?

Could be Astragalus Species?

Thank you …, 

Your suggestion is Astragalus muonspessulanus. Here is one more suggestion for this sp ie Astragalus ophiocarpus. Plz have look again. Thanking in anticipation 

Can you please check in Oxytropis species

yes it is more close to Astragalus ophiocarpus

Thanks, … I was just thinking and you nailed 



ID requested for this Astragalus sp. : 9 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

ID requested for this Astragalus sp. Photo taken on Mar 2018. at Faridkot. Punjab

Pl. check 

Could you find any match from comparative images at genus page in efi site? 

No sir, couldn’t. Please help  

Is it not the same species of Astragalus which was posted by you and identified recently? 

No sir. It’s a different sp. Flowers smaller, pinkish white while the previous has larger and purple flowers. Shape of the seed pods also differs

Which are the species reported in your area? 

Astragalus is a very complex and difficult genus in angiosperm. Identification is not possible always through photographs. You may ask the persons asking for identification to send the specimens to me for authentic identification. However, The enclosed photograph of Astragalus seems to be Astragalus ophiocarpus. Recently I have published a book “A revision of the genus Astragalus L. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) in India” through Siya Pyblishing House, New Delhi.

Reposting for the identificationof the Astragalus sp. : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
ID requested for this Astragalus sp. Photo taken on Mar 2018. at Faridkot. Punjab

I will go by the earlier identification.  

Which one  ? Sir

Same as suggested in your earlier post with the same images. 

Astragalus ophiocarpus ? Doesn’t seem.

… please check 

Please compare with: 

I think matches with the image at link provided by …