Sharing images of Bougainvillea spp inflorescence at a private society at Pune
Family Nyctaginaceae
Flowers open at sunset and last approximately five days on the plant. They are surrounded by bracts. Three bracts surround an equal number of flower buds which have rounded tips. The flower buds look like waxy tubes with bulbous bases. Longitudinal ridges run the entire length of the flower. The slender tubular structure arising from the bract’s base is the flower’s slender calyx, which is red outside . Bougainvillea flowers bear no corollas, The calyx bears five wavy lobes like a normal corolla and the buds open into-a “star” at the apex, the colour of which may be white, light greenish yellow, cream, yellow or pink. Usually only one of the flowers within a group of three bracts opens to begin with. Over a period of up to a week, the second and third flowers may open.
The colours of the bracts are innumerable, ranging from white to deep majenta, including other lighter shades such as yellow, orange, pink, mauve, purple, scarlet, crimson and red. In some cultivars, bracts of two colours are found in the same plant, while in others the colour of the bract changes with age, thus creating an impression that the plant is bearing two or three colored flowers.
Some buds look spirally coiled is this a malformation and is it common? 

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