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Plant name: Scleria lithosperma (L.) Sw., Prodr. Veg. Ind. Occ. 18. 1788.
Ver.name: Nut rush (Eng.).
Family: Cyperaceae
Description: Plants perennial; rhizomes short, nodulose, aromatic when fresh. Culms in tufts, slender, 30–90 cm long, glabrous or slightly scabrous. Leaves shorter than culms; linear, keeled, 1-3mm wide; sheaths purplish weakly ribbed, finely pilose.  Inflorescences axillary or terminal lax panicles, 10-15cm long, terminal one 3- 5 cm with 2-7 open fascicles; with 1-4 spikelets; involucre bracts subtending and longer than inflorescence, leaflike, broadly attenuate, scabrous. Spikelets bisexual 1-few flowered, 3-5 mm. Achenes whitish or gray between angles, globose, 2-3 mm, smooth.
Photographed at Venkatagiri


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