Blumeodendron kurzii (Hook.f.) J.J.Sm. ex Koord. & Valeton, Meded. Dept. Landb. Ned.-Indië 10: 463 1910. (syn: Blumeodendron cuneatum S.Moore; Blumeodendron sumatranum S.Moore; Blumeodendron verticillatum Merr.; Mallotus kurzii Hook.f.);    

Andaman & Nicobar Is. to Philippines as per WCSP;

Andaman Is.; Borneo; Jawa; Malaya; Myanmar; Nicobar Is.; Philippines; Sumatera;
as per Catalogue of Life



Blumeodendron kurzii (Euphorbiaceae) : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Photo credit: Dr. M. Chennakesavulu Naik
Scientific name: Blumeodendron kurzii (Hook.f.) J.J.Sm.

Basionym: Mallotus kurzii Hook.f.
Location: Andaman Islands
Habit: Tree, ca 10 m high
Habitat: Lowland mixed tropical forests and and coastal sub-marshy areas on sandy loam. 
Occurrence: Scarce.
Distribution: India (Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Myanmar, Thailand, Western Malesia (Java, Sumatra, Borneo) to New Guinea.


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