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Last week I visited Kondapalli town near Vijayawada. This town is famous for wooden toys. While searching the botanical name for the tree, the wood of which is used for making toys, I came across the name Jiuotia Rotteri Fromis. The same name is mentioned when Kondapalli toys were registered for Geographical Indication. [Name of GI Registered Product : Kondapalli Bommalu State(s) :Andhra Pradesh Certificate date : 12/1/2006] (http://www.handicrafts.nic.in/cmsUpload/20170506115215GI_BOOK_FINAL_ilovepdf_compressed.PDF)

At one more place it is mentioned with same botanical name


But when I searched with this name I could not get any information about the tree on internet.  

Thanks for pointing out the correct name viz. Givotia rottleriformis 

I enquired about this tree in Kondapalli town. The toy maker pointed out to a tree which was almost leafless. I wanted to confirm the tree I had photographed. Hence I had put the query in the forum. I could get a photo of couple of leaves.  

The information can be summarised as

Name of tree

Local name

Used in toy manufacture at


Wrightia tinctoria

Ajamara (ಅಜಮರ}, Kodamurki, Aale/ Beppale




Givotia rottleriformis

Tella poniki


Andhra Pradesh

Now I can confirm the tree I had photographed at 16°37’17.5″N 80°32’21.6″E  is Givotia rottleriformis. I reproduce the two photos below.

The tree in pic does not appear to be Givotia. The bark has to be dark fissured and leaves have to be with crenate margin and silvery beneath. This may be Sterculia sp
Difficult to guess from a single dry leaf.