Cypripedium japonicum Thunb., Syst. Veg. ed. 14 817 1784. (Syn: Cypripedium cathayenum S.S.Chien; Cypripedium japonicum var. glabrum M.Suzuki);

C. & S. China, S. Korea, Japan as per WCSP;

Genetic diversity in the endangered terrestrial orchid Cypripedium japonicum in East Asia : 6 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (1) – 067 2018 Cypripedium japonicum SCIENTIFIC REPORTS.pdf- 2 MB.
Please find one of our recent articles published in Nature Scientific Reports attached to the mail.
Tian, H.Z., L.X. Han, J.L. Zhang, X.L. Li, T. Kawahara, T. Yukawa, J. López-Pujol, P. Kumar, M.G. Chung & M.Y. Chung. 2018. Genetic diversity in the endangered terrestrial orchid Cypripedium japonicum in East Asia: Insights into population history and implications for conservation. Reports Scientific Reports 8: 6467



The Plant List Ver.1.1  WCSP  

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