Dictyolimon macrorrhabdos (Boiss.) K.H. Rechinger, Fl. Iran. 108: 22 1974. (syn: Limonium macrorhabdon (Boiss.) Kuntze; Statice macrorrhabdos Boiss.);
Afghanistan (Kabul, Kunar / Nuristan, Paktia / Khost, Parwan), Pakistan
(Chitral, Baluchistan), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Baltistan), Jammu &
Kashmir (Ladakh)
as per Catalogue of Life;





Id requested for plant from Ladakh : 8 posts by 4 authors. 4 images.

This plant was seen on the Stok village to base camp trail at 3780 meters asl, in Ladakh in May 2018. Several plants were seen in close proximity in various stages of growth, the largest about 15 mm in diameter. It was not observed anywhere else on the 8 km loop trail. GPS coordinates can be provided on request. Id help is much appreciated.

Statice macrorhabdos, Plumbaginaceae
Limonium macrorhabdos (Boissier) Kuntze var. thomsonii C. B. Clarke is the synonym.
Distribution: India (Ladakh), Pakistan & Afghanistan. (ID courtesy Dr. G.S.Rawat)

Thank you, sir. It seems this species is not well documented on the net. I hope that these images will be searchable via efi and be useful to others. A most lovely plant. Would love to see the flowers.