Tanay Bose: Photo of the year 2012…: After seeing a bunch of people posting some lovely photographs of plant for 2012 photo of the year I made up my mind at last to post a photograph. I am not at all sure wether my picture is good enough to be posted for the occasion. I have literally no skills is photography as many of our members do. I use very simple cameras to take photos. The plant which I am posting is unidentified. One fine evening I was returing home from lab and I saw a bunch of white flowers over a bush in one of my neighbours house here in Vancouver. The flowers were about 0.5cm across. It had just stopped raining and the glistering drop of water on the flowers were sparkling like pearls. I wanted to capture the moment but alas I had only my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera in my bag I took out the camera with fear that I won’t be able to capture the moment with this machine in my hand. At last I took a bunch of photos one came out kind of good which I am sharing out here. I am not sure how the members will react but I apologize for it.

This has come out well. Excellent shot. So expecting you to post many more…. Thanks for sharing..
I too had earlier used Sony Cyber shot Point and shoot camera DSC-P-52 (No macro feature and with only 2X optical Zoom). But results were good.

Excellent photo Tanay. You proved that the equipment is not important to produce good results. Your photos is so beautiful.

No idea about the ID but surely it was a garden plant. I will try to find out.

Interesting pic…..I imagine when I last saw you sharing pics!!! but finally you did!!!
Could this be Ochna?
By the way, I imagine what could be the significance of having such a thick filament? Any ideas members?

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