Cullen plicatum (Delile) C.H.Stirt. (syn: Cullen plicata (Delile) C.H.Stirt. [Spelling variant]; Psoralea odorata Blatt. & Hallb.; Psoralea plicata Delile);

India (N): Delhi ; Gujarat ; Haryana ; Maharashtra ; Punjab ; Rajasthan and other countries as per ILDIS 



I’d plz (mixed thread): 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)- 1 Mb each. 

I’d plz
Location – Anjar – Kutch (Gujarat)
Date – April – 2018

Cullen plicatum (Delile) C.H.Stirt. [syn. Psoralea plicata Delile]. Leguminosae.

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