Canistrum superbum (Lindm.) Mez, Fl. Bras. 3(3): 621 1891 (syn: Canistrum cruentum F.Muell.; Nidularium superbum (Lindm.) Ule; Nidularium wawreanum Mez; Wittrockia superba Lindm.);

Brazil South; Brazil Southeast as per Catalogue of Life;



Bromeliad for ID : Kenya : 05OCT16 : AK-5 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

This ornamental looks very close to Painted Fingernail Bromeliad, Neoregelia spectabilis.

But all the ones I found in my search have rounded leaves at the tip where as these had a pointed one.
Experts kindly advice.

Could this be Aechmea ampla?

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