Tibet, Nepal to SC. China and Myanmar as per WCSP;
Assam; Bangladesh; China South-Central; East Himalaya; Myanmar; Nepal; Tibet as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Thick Leaved Oak • Mizo: Thil • Nepali: बडा कटुस Badaa Katus, ठुलो कटुस Thulo Katus, अर्खौलो Arkhaulo, सिंधे कटुस Sindhe Katus, सुंगुरे कटुस Sungure Katus



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Location : Lava, Kalimpong, India
Date : 11 May 2018
Elevation :  7000 ft.
Habit : Wild

Fruits look like acorn. So it has to be some species of Quercus (OAK)

Thank you … I guessed so but could not come to the conclusion. 

Lithocarpus pachyphyllus (Kurz) Rehder  ??