Rhododendron triflorum Hook. f., Rhododendron Sikkim Himalaya 2: , pl. 19 1851. (syn: Azalea triflora (Hook. fil.) Kuntze; Rhododendron deflexum Griff.);
S-Tibet, Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin), Darjeeling, Chumbi, NE-India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Three-Flowered Rhododendron

Evergreen or semi-deciduous shrub 1-5m; branchlets minutely scaly. Leaves ovate to lanceolate, 3.5-6.5×1.5-3cm, acute , base rounded, green and glabrous above, pale green or whitish beneath with minute scales; petioles 5-12mm.Racemes 2-3-flowered; pedicels 7-12mm, scaly. Calyx minute, obscurely 5-lobed, scaly. Corolla strongly zygomorphic, open funnel-shaped, 2-3cm, pale yellow, sometimes reddish blotched within. Stamens 10; filaments pubescent towards base. Ovary scaly. Capsules narrowly cylindric, c 1.3cm.

Blue Pine and Quercus griffithii forests
(attributions- Grierson A.J.C&Long D.G. Flora of Bhutan. Volume 2 part 1. Published by RBGE 1991 from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)


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Location: Sandakphu, India
Date: 14 May 2018
Altitude: 11000 ft.
Habit : Wild
Nepali Names : पहेंले चिमल  Pahenle Chimal