sir can I get botanical name ? – हाशा, हासा in Marathi

हाशा or हांशा is a name given to some wild tree … A dictionary, Marathi and English by Molesworth, J. T. (James Thomas)
Not known to me yet; will search and return to this post as time permits.

I tried forwarding … mail along with his attachments, but Google bounced my mail saying it is more than 8MB.
Here is my response in context of scanned pictures he had attached:
Thank you very much …

I am sure some of the names which I mentioned as Gujarati names are just not Marathi. They are used in Marathi because they are perhaps not known by any Marathi name. There are many times such cases where a name from one language is borrowed / shared by another language – just because (I think) the plant was never popular enough to be given a name.