Juncus inflexus L., Sp. Pl. 326 1753. (syn: Juncus acutissimus (Buchenau) Adamson; Juncus angelisii Ten.; Juncus cyprius H.Linb.; Juncus deangelisii Bertol. [Invalid]; Juncus depauperatus Ten.; Juncus diaphragmarius Brot.; Juncus elatus Steud.; Juncus equisetosus Dumort.; Juncus glaucescens Laharpe; Juncus glaucus Sibth. [Illegitimate]; Juncus glaucus Ehrh. ex P.Gaertn., B.Mey. & Scherb. [Illegitimate]; Juncus glaucus var. acutissimus Buchenau; Juncus glaucus subsp. angelisii (Ten.) Arcang.; Juncus glaucus subsp. depauperatus (Ten.) K.Richt.; Juncus glaucus var. equisetosus (Dumort.) Nyman; Juncus glaucus var. fasciculatus Buchenau; Juncus glaucus var. laxiflorus Lange; Juncus glaucus var. leptocarpus (Buchenau) Buchenau; Juncus glaucus var. longicornis (Bastard) Grognot; Juncus glaucus subsp. longicornis (Bastard) K.Richt.Juncus glaucus f. macrocarpus Zapal.; Juncus glaucus var. pallidus Sond.; Juncus glaucus var. paniculatus (Hoppe ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Bosch; Juncus glaucus subsp. paniculatus (Hoppe ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Trab.; Juncus glaucus var. strictus Spenn.; Juncus glaucus var. subglomeratus G.Mey.; Juncus glaucus f. virescens Neuman; Juncus inflexus f. aggregatus (Asch. & Graebn.) I.Grint.; Juncus inflexus subsp. austrooccidentalis K.F.Wu; Juncus inflexus var. depauperatus (Ten.) I.Grint.; Juncus inflexus f. equisetosus (Dumort.) Sóo; Juncus inflexus subsp. inflexus ; Juncus inflexus var. leptocarpus (Buchenau) Zhi Y. Zhang; Juncus inflexus var. longicornis (Bastard) Briq.; Juncus inflexus f. melanocarpus (G.Mey.) I.Grint.; Juncus inflexus var. oligocarpus (Asch. & Graebn.) I.Grint.; Juncus inflexus f. pallidus (Sond.) I.Grint.; Juncus inflexus f. strictus Sóo; Juncus inflexus var. trimenii Cout.; Juncus leptocarpus Buchenau; Juncus longicornis Bastard; Juncus luetkei Buchenau; Juncus pallidus Hoppe [Invalid]; Juncus paniculatus Hoppe ex Schult. & Schult.f.; Juncus paniculatus subsp. depauperatus (Ten.) Nyman; Juncus tenax Banks & Sol. ex Sm. [Illegitimate]; Juncus tenax Poir. [Illegitimate]; Juncus warakensis Nábelek);
Common name: Hard Rush, European meadow rush
Macaronesia to Temp. Eurasia, Africa as per WCSP;

Tufted herbs; stems to 50 cm long, 2 mm thick, terete, ridged, green, glabrous. Panicles 2-3 cm across, lateral, sessile, 3-6 cm below the apex of the stem. Flowers many, 2 mm long, globose, shortly pedicelled; perianth lobes 2 mm long, yellow. Capsule 2.5 x 1.5 mm, ovoid, obtuse; seeds 1 x 0.5 mm, curved-ellipsoid, acute, brown, closely striate.

Flowering and fruiting: November-April
Marshy areas in grasslands
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)




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Juncus inflexus
European meadow rush
Family – Juncaceae
Habitat – Growing on wet soil along ravines
Pictured at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude – 1400meters

I think this is Juncus inflexus



Himalayan plant from Manipur: TQ-mu03 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)

A grass like plant growing wild in forested area on Shirui Hill, Ukhrul, Manipur
Altitude 1500-2500 m.
Flowering in early June
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Juncus inflexus?

To me also appear similar to images of … at efi thread.

Yes … its similar to my plant and is most likely Juncus inflexus.