Dorstenia contrajerva L., Sp. Pl. 121 1753. (syn: Dorstenia alexiteria L.; Dorstenia contrajerva var. houstonii (L.) Bureau; Dorstenia contrajerva var. tenuiloba (S.F.Blake) Standl. & Steyerm.; Dorstenia contrajerva subsp. tenuiloba S.F.Blake; Dorstenia houstonii L.; Dorstenia maculata Lem.; Dorstenia palmata Willd. ex Schult.; Dorstenia quadrangularis Stokes);
Venezuela (Carabobo, Cojedes, Distrito Federal, Falcon, Lara, Merida, Miranda, Portuguesa, Sucre, Trujillo, Yaracuy, Zulia), Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico (Campeche, Chiapas, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Mexico State, Michoacan, Morelos, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Puebla, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosi, Tabasco, Veracruz, Yucatan), Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia (Antioquia, Bolvar, Caldas, Cesar, Choc, Cundinamarca, Magdalena, Meta, Santander, Tolima), Puerto Rico, Lesser Antilles (Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, St. Martin, St. Vincent), Trinidad, Isla Margarita, Java (I), Peru, to be expected in Guyana, Ecuador, Bonin Isl. (I) (Chichijima (I)), USA (I) (Florida (I)), Vietnam (I), Cameroon (I) as per Catalogue of Life;

Dorstenia sp. for Id -from Pune:
This dorstenia sp. was photographed at Botanical Garden of Pune University.
Hoping to get species identification.
Habit- Herb
Habitat- Garden

Location- Pune University
Dated- 18th March 12.

This is the well known Dorstenia contrajerva from Central and South America. This hardy plant would have been introduced by the British to the university gardens and would have escaped. It was believed to be a potent counter-poison. It is the type species of the genus Dorstenia.

There is a whole article on the occurrence of this plant in the Fergusson Campus of Pune University, but the authors misidentified it as Dorstenia indica: _Occurrence_of_Dorstenia_indica_Wight _Moraceae_in_Pune_city_Maharashtra_India
Dorstenia indica is a rare and fragile plant growing on rocks and tree roots in moist and shady forests of the Western Ghats and Sri Lanka. See
It would not survive in the campus grounds. However, the hardy Dorstenia contrajerva grows in a wide variety of habitats in South America.
I attach a few pictures that I made of Dorstenia indica in Sri Lanka and put on Wikipedia.