We have been experimenting with insertion of images since we started this work in Oct’2015.

With hit and trials, based on feedback from members and assessing our requirements, we now have stabilized to having images over respective threads in a efi page. 
This suits best to us as many of the threads may be misidentified. By looking at all the images inserted in this way, it becomes easy to find the wrong identifications. And thereafter efforts can be made to place such threads properly after their correct identification. 
We are now at the threshold of inserting a landmark of around 1,00,000 images in our site.
To continue our journey further, we want to have at least some images above all the threads to improve our accuracy. This way we may be having even 40 images in a single page.
I request members to point out any misidentifications if they are going through a page, as they have already done in so many other cases earlier. 
Any feedback in the matter is also welcome.

Sure … 

That is a very good idea. Hope experts would devote some of their time to send feedback to clarify the correct ID.


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