Acaena echinata Nees, Plantae Preissianae 95 1844.;
Australia (Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania) as per Catalogue of Life

I got an opportunity to visit Australia this summer, and I tried to visit places for plants, though winter is not a season to look for much plants there..
I wish to share some wild plants at first, and then, if possible, I will share ornamentals and those recorded from some botanical gardens.
The first one is Acaena echinata, Rosaceae..(identified through a fb group), recorded in wild from Sunbury of Victoria state in Australia, June 2018.. 

Very happy to see this, … I am sure we will be treated to a feast of Curated well photographed specimen, enriching us.

i for one am very happy and grateful for this armchair journey. when”s the next one ? 

Thanks …, I am also delighted to share… yes, got a lot of them from Proteaceae, Myrtaceae, Mimosaceae and many more, I will try to post as much as I can..!!

This wild plant was recorded from outskirts of Melton City of Australila..
Has been identified as Acaena echinata….!!