Pterygota alata ‘diversifolia’;
‘Mad Tree’;



201210-PR -For ID-Chennai.: Please help me id the tree whose varied leaves I have photographed.
Photography is not permitted in the Agri-hort garden, hence I have snapped some of the fallen leaves.
Someone has given me a hint that the leaves belong to a tree called the “Mad Tree” , SOMETHING diversifolia.
Please help me identify the “SOMETHING”

-This is Pterygota alata ‘diversifolia’ also called the ‘Mad Tree’

-Yes Pterygota alata, I first saw this tree in Indian Botanic garden as this plant has no prefect leaf shape
hence its called a mad tree.

-Close but not exactly – it is called the ‘Mad Tree’ because no two of its leaves are of the same shape.

-People give very peculiar names to the plants based on their perception and sometimes these names continue their use in local language. Some times they even relate it to religion by attaching some god’s name to it. Thats a way of local nomenclature. It does help a lot at time whereas creates confusion too. One such example is HABE AMRI, which is a broken, molested, marathi word for HABENARIA and nothing else according to me.
The plant growing in Howrah Botanic Garden which is called Mad Tree is Chrysophyllum cainito. Bengalis also call it rasogulla tree, I imagine why dont they call it Gulab Jamun tree as the fruits are dark bluish brinjal or brown like a Gulab Jamun.
Pterygota alatadiversifolia” is called Mad Tree or Buddha’s coconut!!

-I had seen the Mad tree at Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden, Howrah, it is Pterygota alata.

-The tree featured here is Buddha’s Coconut [Pterygota alata]. The ‘Mad Tree’ [Pterygota alata ‘diversifolia’] is a varient of this. It is propagated by cuttings or air-layering.

-Does this mean that this is an aberration like the Ficus Krishnae which is obtained only from cuttings?
I sowed seeds of the Buddha Coconut and the leaves of the saplings are just like the parent tree.



Small Tree For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 090814 : AK-2 : 19 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (2)

Found this small tree with unusual leaves on 29/7/14.

No flowers or fruits.
Id please.

Leaves look like a bignoniaceae…even simple…

This remains unidentified.

Adding pictures taken in April this year.
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many of these leaves seem eaten up or torn, physically.
do you have pictures of some intactleaves showing the different shapes of leaves? and the tree trunk and bark pics???
If it is really different leaf shape, i know what it is but i would like to have the data from you first

It’s a very small tree. Don’t have the pictures of bark or tree trunk. These are the leaves I had added in my first post.
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Blind guess: Pterygota alata or related plant

Thanks, … I also feel the same. 

well … is right, sort of. 🙂

its called the MAD tree// Pagla gachh, a unique variant of Pterygota alata, called Pterygota alata diversifolia
budhhas coconut
… has shown the diversity of the fallen leaves.
so far from the discussions i surmise
there is at least one specimen in Kolkata (Agri Horti,);  Shibpur ( Botanical garden,); Chennai (Agri horti)  Bangalore (IISC campus) and now Bangalore (Lalbagh).
good documentation of occurrence. I know you go back to Lalbagh often
next few years if you remember you can help guage its growth over the years.

Thanks, …, One of the highest and straightish/ longish trees I have possibly seen in Kolkata. One is in Agri horticulture society, another in Turf view near race course and another one in Garden reach area of South Eastern Railway. 

wow. they were all pagla gachh in so many locations?? or the regular buddhas coconut tree?

Pterygota alata diversifolia is available only in Agri Horticulture Society. 

I actually found a family but not the exact genus, but let me try to remember and send a mail. 

i thought it is a Mad tree Pterygotta alata diversifolia.
please look at reponses above in this thread

yes … the shibpur notation was ffrom what i remembered something … had said many years ago and i had even gone to shibpur

not finding it. i thought it was my failure but today your comment reassures me. 
there are some regular pterygolta alata trees, spectacularly tall ones in victoria memorial grounds, both eastern and western boundary 
most birds of prey like to nest on top to watch and be safe. esp vultures as they tried to recover themselves from oblivion from 
the diclofenac disaster.

Thanks a lot for the id of this long pending post of mine.
Pterygota alata var. irregularis could be a Syn?

yea but you dont have an id till … get back to us with his memory of the flower and possible id

this case is not complete

I tried to remember and searched, but not able to remember.

Will keep looking for it.


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