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Porpax sp. from South Andaman Island : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

Please help to identify a Porpax sp. collected from South Andaman
Island, A & N Islands.
The specimen is found close to P. fibuliformis.

This is interesting.

This looks close to Porpax elwesii but it is not known to be hairy??
This cant be Porpax jerdoniana as there are no markings on the leaves.
This cant be Porpax meirax because the bulbs dont have reticulated net on them in meirax.
Last option is Porpax ustulata which is not reported from there.
I would like to see more pics if possible.


I am attaching few more images of the specimen. Of course it is
showing some similarities with P. ustulata also. But in this specimen
lateral sepals are almost half way united. It is also showing some
similarities with P. fibuliformis, but the lip margin is not laciniate
in this specimen.

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I think this is Porpax ustulata. Cant be fibuliformis because in fibuliformis the there are distinct mid lobe and side lobe of the labellum (Seidenfaden’s plate attached).

Can you please confirm if the flower in your pic are not mature? 
Attachments (1) of P. fibuliformis illustration.