Flower id request: Flower identification.
This pic taken at Himachal Pradesh. May 2010.

… some garden cultivar of ¿ Fuchsia ? species.

Fuchsia species.


May be Fuchsia ‘Rose of Castile’ with this image.

I don’t think it is Fuchsia rose of castile.
the inside of the sepals are  supposed to be PINK and the inner flower petals themselves are deep purple to purplish red (based on different screen). but our example here and in the archived case on the fuchsia page at our website is ALL white sepals inside and out and the petals that are peaking in one of the flowers is white.
This will need to be corrected in the webpage also and moved out of castile page and may be named /classed aginst cultivars
and to put this in perspective even Dr Hooker had the following thought about naming of Fuchsias:
I quote Dr Jan Broadway” :

As more fuchsias were introduced, the variations between plants of the same species and the success

 of growers in producing crosses, led Sir William Jackson Hooker, director of Kew Gardens, 

to complain in 1859 that ‘the difficulty of naming them correctly is, beyond anything, 

reat’. Here I attempt to unravel some of the confusion concerning their introduction to English gardens.”

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