Vicia bithynica (L.) L. (syn: Ervum bithynicum (L.) Stank.; Lathyrus bithynicus L.);

India (N):  Himachal Pradesh; Jammu-Kashmir and other countries as per ILDIS;




Fabaceae (Lathyrus sp.) for id : 20 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6) – one of 3 Mb.

Please help to identify this Fabaceae, to me it looks some Lathyrus sp. but I can’t find any matching species on the site.
Photographed at Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude – 700 metres amsl
Dated – 10/3/2018

Lathyrus normally does not have this colour flowers…we could try Vicia…….moreover a request to yo



Thanks …,  I also don’t find any match on Vicia species page.
Please see the attached picture of seed pod. 

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To me also appear close to Vicia species.
What are the species reported from Himachal ?
Pl. check with images at Vicia sativa subsp. nigra (L.) Ehrh. 

Thanks … I don’t think it to be Vicia sativa subsp. nigra as it only has 2 pair of long leaflets with larger stipules unlike V.sativa which has 5-6 pair of leaflets with much smaller stipules.

Thanks, …, What are the other species reported from the area? 

Sorry … is dont have flora of Himachal, I think Rawat sir may help.

Viciaa bakeri, V. faba, V. hirsuta, V. pallida, V. rigidula, V. sativa, V. sepium, V. tenera, V. tenuifolia and V. tetrasperma are listed in Flora of Himachal Pradesh.

Lathyrus aphaca, L. emodii, L. erectus, L. humilis, L. pratensis,, L. sativus and Lathyrus sphaericus are listed in Flora of Himachal Pradesh.

Thanks … But … I can’t find any of these mentioned species matching.



Identification is still pending, experts please help to confirm.
 … here is another one picture showing plants details including leaflets, stipules and a ripenned pod.

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Please confirm the genus by following Flora of Pakistan ( point 16; and then follow the keys. It may help.

Finally I found the species
Its Vicia bithynica.
Synonyms – Lathyrus bithynicus
Description as well as images are matching.
In description it is mentioned that the leaves are more like those of Lathyrus and stipules are broad and toothed. Fruits are about 2.5-3cms long with 4-6seeds.
Here’s description link
V.bithynica is also mentioned in Flora of Pakistan
Here’s the link

Well done. Must be a new entry in eFI.

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