It is a pleasure to state that more than 1,00,000 unique images have been inserted in efi site and are directly displayed in thumbnail size. On clicking on these thumbnails, leads to large size images as are originally posted by our members. Members have already posted more than 3,00,00 unique images in efloraofindia.
I feel this is a landmark in the history development of Efloraofindia.
In addition, species, genera & family pages of the families upto Oleaceae have also been completed with comparative image for easy identification.
Another landmark of 3,00,000 messages (posted) has also been crossed recently.
I dedicate this moment to the The Pillars, Subject/ Area Experts, Moderators, Major contributors & other members who are rendering selfless service on this group & made this endeavour possible for the benefit of everyone. 
Pl. circulate it as much as possible for the awareness of all concerned.

… this is a magnanimous, herculean, meticulous (not to mention the intelligence required) task.
Bravo …
Best wishes for your endeavours, and for your contributions to eFI !!

Bravo Team eFI.

Thanks, …, for your great vision. 

Heartiest Congratulations, …

Congratulations to Team eFI.

Thanks, …, for your great contributions. 

Heartiest Congratulations … and Team EfloraofIndia.. Its a big achievement…

Rightly said, … Thanks, …, for being a pioneer Flora hunter and for your great contributions. 

Great work !

+12000 species, +300000 total images, 300000 messages, +100000 images on family/genera/ species pages. It is a huge achievement to eFI and the founders/ contributors of this resource. 
Hat off to untiring efforts of … and his team eFI.

Thanks, …, for always guiding us on the right way with your path breaking suggestions and work. 

We appreciate your initiative and encouragement …

Thanks, …, for your valuable contributions 

This is very great support … 🙏  for members like me to who want to learn and understand Indian Plants.

Thanks, …

Hope to receive your continued support. 

Really great achievement …!!

No words to express my appreciation for your sustained hard work and undeterred dedication.. feels very nice to be a part of this venture…
I think that all our contributors and experts must be proud of the landmark eFI has achieved…100/100 for your excellent co-ordination and hardwork …
Congratulations eFI and team!!

Thanks, …

All this would not have been possible without humble and dedicated taxonomist like you. 

congratulations to you and all those who made those pages

esp … and for Keys, … … et al

Well said, … They laid the way for the greatness of Team eFI. 

And you always kept guiding us despite your old age and limitations as did … and others. 

Great achievement no other could  venture to do ! Only a person like you with full dedication could achieve this feat.

It is possible only because we have very very dedicated members like you.
Hat off to your superb contributions, …

My heartiest congratulations for yet another achievement. I am sure we will have many more milestones to celebrate under your leadership.
My congratulations also to all the group members who have worked diligently to make this achievement possible.

Thanks, … This was possible for selfless devotion of members of High caliber like you. 

Many congratulations, …! 

Thanks, … It is all because of expert members taking care of one or more families- like you always do for Polygonaceae

Congratulation … and all the Members. indeed it is a great feat.

Thanks, …, for your superb contributions.