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Who has planted  Duabanga grandiflora on Gandhi Tekri…..a huge  tree from North East……How did some one thought of getting the sampling and planting on such a place……….Why Bhorsal (Hymenodictyon orixensis) grows an ear like structure along its inflorescence and stays there till the fruits gets ripened and dispersed………what kind of survival instinct the mighty Vavla has to grow to the height of  70 feet on the rocks, towering over Gandhi Tekri……..When the Ambat vel (Cyratia trifolia) decides to grow adhesive pads at the end of its tendrils……..many such sight and many such question arising……..All points to ponder upon…..come and take a Tree Appreciation Walk on a serene path towards Gandhi Tekri at SGNP on 5th August at 8 am and may be we will have some answers to the strange ways of nature…..

96th Tree Appreciation Walk…

Venue:    Gandhi Tekri, SGNP


Meeting Point :  At the Police Chawki, 5 min walk from NIC, near the car park.


Time:  8 am


Duration of walk:  2 hours


We will be sending the other details very soon.





your description makes me want to right away. thanks …

but i am far, look farward to your pictures later on

A wonderful way to enjoy nature..

All the Best..!!

saving here what i discovered about Daubhanga use. 

why it may have been once thought to be important to carry to other parts of india.
in bangladesh tribals use its roots for jaundice along with leaves of mehendi.
look at table in this paper: 


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