Fuchsia ‘Spion Kop’;



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Location : Golphutar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Elevation : 4400 ft.
Date : 2 June 2018
Habit : Wild 
Which Fuschia sp. ??  Fuschia ‘Swingtime’ ??

Correction: Cultivated 

this fertile i.e. produces fruits variety is 

is Fuschia “spion Kopp” out of about thousand cultivars nowadays
you have to scroll down to about halfway dowbn the page
I quote: “Double red and white corolla with sepals of red. Blooms in early summer to early fall. 
This fuchsia has oval, green leaves and produces fruit that is edible but not appetizing. 
Mulch heavily where winters are cold. Prune back dead or broken branches in spring, 
especially on plants that were left outside in areas with mild winters.”         
pictures of this on google 
at least the top three rows:
and this variety was once upon a time called “Double white phenomenal” in 1896….
this took a long time to find an authentic original site that was hot held hostage by a pinning app. phew!
And when i searched swingtime fuschia, it showed this same double white flowered flower, in modern Thomson and Morgan catalogues.
go figure
names change very often……
And remember: even Dr Hooker had complained of the names….
As more fuchsias were introduced, the variations between plants of the same species and the success of growers in producing crosses, led Sir William Jackson Hooker, director of Kew Gardens, to complain in 1859 that ‘the difficulty of naming them correctly is, beyond anything, great’. Here I attempt to unravel some of the confusion concerning their introduction to English gardens”  from url:     http://xmera.co.uk/garden/fuchsia/index.html
if you can taste the berry when ripe
will you please tell us?

thanks. any fuschia in india would have to an import, and cultivated. that’s my understanding of this beloved houseplant.